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Alice Holt Forest Trip

As an MA Fine Art group we decided to go to Alice Holt Forest. A way to create art pieces with limited resources and a whole lot of rain ☔️ . Here are some pieces I came up with:

1) 'Fishing plastic with plastic' - This piece is ironic as in order to help remove a piece of plastic from the pond I used a plastic fishing rod. What is 'helping' is actually 'causing' pollution in the first place.

2) 'Money does grow on trees' - This piece plays on the common phrase used being 'money doesn't grow on trees'. In this case it does.

3) Lastly, 'Modern Tree' - This piece reflects of the digital representation when googling 'tree'. To experience a tree in real life differs immensely from experiencing a digital tree. Both so different yet both labelled as the same thing. Nature being digitalised.


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