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  • paigearcherr

Key inspiring artists

My top 2 artists who have inspired my idea for creating my own shop are;

1) Rachel Maclean - Upside Mimi

Her piece was created in 2021 and is known as the 'haunted toy store'. The visual aesthetics are iconic and bold. She has taken the structure of a shop' and made it her own, this is. something I intend to do within my room installation.

2) Michael Landy - Closing down sale/shopping trolley

This piece was featured within the 250th Summer Exhibition that was curated in 2019 by Grayson Perry. Not only does it revolve around consumerism but I had the opportunity to visit this piece myself in person. The exhibition featured very visually appealing pieces and celebrated wacky creations. Therefore this piece was 100% inspiration for my shop installation.


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