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South Hill Park Arts Centre - ARTIST TALKS ( 29/04/23)

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On Saturday 29 April, we will be hosting a series of artists talks by eight of the artists showing work as part of RESIDUAL at South Hill Park from 11.00-1.30. The artist speakers include Kasia Alexiou, Paige Archer, Oluwafemi Babalola, Christine Banat, Davy Chen, Wai Yi Chung, Darrell Kingsley and Renming Tan.

RESIDUAL, a site-specific art show by MA Fine Art Farnham at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, curated by Andrea Gregson, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, as part of South Hill Park’s 50th anniversary as an arts centre.

Open daily from Sat 18 March - Sun 30 April 2023, RESIDUAL includes a range of fine art media including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, installation, film and digital media, sensitively responding to the buildings and gardens. The artworks expand upon themes responding to the residence as a former home, a public space and place of creativity, offering new and imaginative interpretations of the house, geographical location and its visiting audiences through time. The art on show is a form of residue, uncovering layers of thought, reflections upon a dynamic multi-functional space with complex layers of meaning and historical association.

A limited edition artist zine designed and made by the artists is available for sale with individual text works edited by Emmanuelle Waeckerle and bookRoom.



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